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Discover the 5 Steps You Could be Using - RIGHT NOW - to Become a Debt-FREE Millionaire...

... 5 Steps That Reveal The Simple Secrets YOU Need to Know to Create Great Credit & Retire Rich! 

Do YOU feel like a millionaire in the making?

Too many of us settle for a life that's "good enough." You work, week after week, month after month, but you have little - if anything - to show for all your labor. Each month you're writing checks totaling hundreds, maybe even thousands of dollars to everyone but yourself. As the years pass you by, it seems as if it takes all the effort you have just to get out of bed in the morning. 

Is that the kind of life you want until you're 65... or longer? Me neither!

But there's good news. My new book, The Debt-FREE Millionaire: Winning Strategies to Creating Great Credit and Retiring Rich, can help you discover the how to completely eliminate debt, create great credit, and retire rich. It can turn your life around ...forever... 

"Thousands of people are learning how to become completely debt free, create great credit, and retire rich with my strategies...

... why shouldn't YOU be next?"

I've been helping people learn about complete debt freedom since 1995. Since then, tens of thousands of people have learned how to get help with their debt, choose the right kind of debt-relief service (like debt consolidation or debt settlement) when necessary, save hundreds of thousands of dollars in interest payments, improve their credit ratings, and have discovered their personal path to becoming Debt-FREE Millionaires!      

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But not only that...

  • Tens of thousands of people have regained control of their financial futures.The education I've had the privilege to provide people from all walks of life have helped empower them to grab the financial bull by the horns and turn the tables on the credit and banking systems that are designed to suck you dry financially.
  • I've created a proprietary system called the Cash-FLOW Analysis. Too many people look for help with their debt by calling debt-relief companies or filling out on-line forms. But that's certainly NOT the most effective way to get the help you need with your debt and credit problems. You can learn how my Cash-FLOW Analysis will give you the direction you need and put you in the driver's seat towards the financial future you always hoped for
  • Over 1 million people have used my software products. Eliminating debt, creating great credit, and retiring rich isn't an overnight process. Having software to help you manage the process from start to finish is a tremendous advantage. Soon I'll have a brand new software product just for my Debt-FREE Millionaire Students!
  • My NEW book, The Debt-FREE Millionaire, puts all of my experience together for you! Over the years, I've learned a LOT about what it takes to succeed financially.My new book, The Debt-FREE Millionaire, puts everything I've learned in one place where YOU can finally have a "one-stop-shop" to your financial needs, no matter what state your finances are in!

I'm not telling you all of this to brag...

I'm telling you this because one of the most dangerous financial decisions you can make is to do nothing and just hope things will get better. If laboring, day after day, just so you can try to pay your bills, month after month, is exhausting your dreams and paralyzing you into doing nothing more than just getting by, you need to keep reading.

Many people look for help from the companies that advertise debt relief. And many of those companies do provide valid services. But even a good service like debt consolidation or debt settlement can be a bad choice if it's applied to the wrong set of circumstances. Putting your faith in an apparently credible company with good intentions, and a few decent strategies, can be a big mistake. Why?

Because those companies have business systems that attempt to pigeonhole you into their service. Sure, maybe they can lower your payments, but how do you know if that new, "lower payment," is really low enough to work in your unique situation? Well, the Cash-FLOW Analysis I teach you in The Debt-FREE Millionaire can tell you how much lower your payment needs to be and which kind of service provider,if you need one, can get you there. If you discover that you do indeed require the help of a debt consolidation or debt settlement company, you'll know which one you can truly afford. But don't just take my word for what my strategies and the Cash-FLOW Analysis can do...

"Here's what the experts are saying... "


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Back in 2001, my publishing company was hearing from people every day needing help with their debt. At that time, the only educational products I had to offer, required that people looking for help with their debt to have the ability to make all of their minimum payments. But the people looking for help with their debt, at that time, were looking for assistance because they couldn't make their payments. They needed the help of a debt-relief service like debt consolidation or debt settlement so they could become debt free! 

This was the genesis of a Research & Development project that lasted more than 5 years, and cost millions of dollars. The result is my new book, The Debt-FREE Millionaire. 

During our R&D project, my company conducted over 20,000 Cash-FLOW Analyses, and discovered that the 92.08% of the people we were talking with, couldn't afford to pay their bills each month. That meant they needed some kind of debt consolidation or debt settlement service to help them afford their bills. And my Cash-FLOW Analysis was able to help point them in the direction towards complete debt freedom in just a handful of years... no matter how financially underwater they were. 

We also discovered that 61.34% of the people we spoke to, couldn't even afford the payments to one of those debt management services. In most of these cases, these people may have called one of these services, and maybe had their payments lowered, but it wouldn't have been enough!  Without my Cash-FLOW Analysis, these folks could have enrolled in a debt-relief service that was doomed to fail from the start.

That's why I created the Cash-FLOW Analysis, and why I wrote The Debt-FREE Millionaire!

Believe me, I've been in the EXACT same spot you're in right now...

I remember the stress of bills... of financial uncertainty... of squeezing my eyes shut and praying that no more "unforeseen circumstances" would come my way and demand another big chunk of the money that I didn't have.

But it's not like that for me anymore.

"With the right information, absolutely anyone who is generating income can become completely debt free, learn what it takes to create great credit, and get on the path to retiring rich... 

... all for less than the price of a new DVD!"

I wish that during my own years of financial uncertainty, I had the information I'm going to provide you in my new book The Debt-FREE Millionaire

Instead, I had to learn these secrets through costly "trial and error." I use each of the strategies I outline in my new book, and I'm living proof that they work.

But YOU don't have to make those costly errors -- I've done the groundwork for you! And as a result, you'll to learn FIVE simple but proven and unique strategies that can get you on your way to becoming a Debt-FREE Millionaire! 

Am I saying that if you follow these three strategies I'm about to share with you, that all of your financial woes will be solved overnight?

No, of course not.

There is NO magic pill for becoming a millionaire overnight. And there will never be.

But what I am saying is, it's pretty normal that shortly after the average household or person starts putting these strategies to work they see their financial situation improving and moving towards success rather than continuing downward towards failure. Financial success becomes the probability rather than a remote possibility. After reading The Debt-FREE Millionaire, you'll soon realize that YOU are indeed a MILLIONAIRE IN THE MAKING! 

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"Why my strategies are a legitimate way to regain control of your finances...

... and why I've decided to share them with YOU!"

Each day I hear people talking about debt and credit. And I find myself scratching my head wondering how come even the so-called experts just don't get it. 

I'm just so SICK of seeing everyone being taken advantage of by the so-called "special" techniques that aren't really special at all.

My strategies have been proven -- over and over -- to be some of the very best to eliminate debt, create great credit, and get on the path to retiring rich.

And the best thing about them is...

  • You don't need to be a financial expert
  • You don't need to know anything about the Internet
  • It's not multi-level marketing
  • It's not a whacky credit repair scheme
  • It doesn't matter if your able to pay your bills each month or not
  • It works with the money you're earning right now

And better still, one of the most important reasons people are in love with this approach is because you can begin your journey towards becoming a Debt-FREE Millionaire, from right where you are now, by making minimal changes to your lifestyle!

It doesn't matter what you do to generate income. Whether you run your own business, or you have a job that you like (or even one that you don't like), The Debt-FREE Millionaire strategies work no matter how your income is generated. 

If you like your job, you can keep it. If you want to get a different one, these strategies can make that more possible then ever before. If you run your own business, my strategies will work for you. 

"Discover the five winning strategies to charting your own personal course towards becoming a Debt-FREE Millionaire... 

... that will have you believing you're a millionaire in the making within the first five minutes "

Once you start reading,  "The Debt-FREE Millionaire: Winning Strategies to Creating Great Credit and Retiring Rich," you'll be convinced that it's the one book that will help you achieve your financial dreams!

Here's a brief introduction to the book's 5-Step Plan, which can make becoming a Debt-FREE Millionaire a reality for you. 

  1. Understanding Debt & Credit: Learn how the Debt Dollar Drain and Income Replacement Factor are the two primary reasons why you don't feel like the millionaire in the making you truly are. You'll also learn exactly what "credit" is and how to create great credit for a lifetime!
  2. How to use my Cash-FLOW Analysis to pinpoint your financial situation's true needs: Most people start a financial plan without knowing where they really are financially. My proprietary Cash-FLOW Analysis is completely unique and is the key to making sure that you're starting off on the right foot! 
  3. How to use the results from your Cash-FLOW Analysis to chart your own personal course towards becoming a Debt-FREE Millionaire: It makes sense that most people would like to become a Debt-FREE Millionaire. But not everyone can start from the same point. Once you complete your own Cash-FLOW Analysis, you'll not only know exactly where to start, but how long it will take you to become a Debt-FREE Millionaire!
  4. Exactly how to plan for a successful retirement: Do you know what your income will need to be in 10, 20, of 30 years? If you don't know, you will, after reading The Debt-FREE Millionaire! And more importantly, you'll realize that accumulating wealth to retire on is a very real possibility for YOU!
  5. How to condition your mind for success:  This isn't some weird hocus-pocus mind game. These are practical steps you can take that will completely renew your mind and help condition your brain to become as successful as you can!  

I show you in detail EXACTLY how these steps work and just how simple they are. You'll even receive a precise, step-by-step plan you need to follow, to make them work for YOU!

But that's not all...

... Perhaps the best part is that you've already got the most important part of the Debt-FREE Millionaire equation covered. What I mean is - if you're working, running a business, or otherwise generating income, then all you need to know is how to use the income you're already generating to create the financial future you've always dreamed of.    

In The Debt-FREE Millionaire: Winning Strategies to Creating Great Credit & Retiring Rich, you'll quickly learn that the monetary system we're all operating in, is set up to drain away your wealth potential. But once you've had the chance to identify these wealth sapping schemes designed to have you working until you die, with next to nothing to show for it, you'll also learn how to turn the tables to your advantage. Here's just a brief list of what you'll learn...  

  • What wealth TRULY is. Trust me, it's not the pile of cash, 45-foot yacht, or large investment portfolio you may think it is.
  • How something I call the "Debt Dollar Drain" works, how it's eating away most, if not all, of your future income, and how to stop it.
  • How the "Income Replacement Factor" is designed to have you paying income taxes at a higher tax bracket than the income you're actually living on. 
  • Avoid the #1 mistake just about every person looking for help from debt-relief services makes. 
  • How the system that's in place, where you look for debt-relief services, is stacked against you, and how you may not even be the real customer.  
  • How even if you're unable to cover all of your monthly payments, you can still retire rich.  
  • How to determine exactly what your income needs will be at retirement, and how to make your "golden years" truly golden.  
  • How, by following my Debt-FREE Millionaire Plan, you can insulate yourself from roller-coaster our economy seems to ride!

.... And you’ll also learn that if you're generating income, right now, you're virtually guaranteed to become a Debt-FREE Millionaire!

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"I'll be blunt: I want YOU to buy my book!"

Because I KNOW it offers you the best chance to build true financial independence, no matter where you're starting from.

I'm absolutely committed to providing life-changing education. If' you've been hoping to find answers to your financial problems, but are sick and tired, and confused, because everyone seems to be saying the same thing, then The Debt-FREE Millionaire: Winning Strategies to Creating Great Credit and Retiring Rich is for you! 

The research & development that went into writing The Debt-FREE Millionaire: Winning Strategies to Creating Great Credit & Retiring Richcost me millions of dollars and thousands of hours. But your commitment is barely a fraction of what I've already invested.  

If you haven't already noticed, the links on this page to purchase my book are links to some of the most reputable booksellers around. That's because my book isn't some "Self-Published" book that a reputable, real publisher didn't give the time of day. No, The Debt-FREE Millionaire: Winning Strategies to Creating Great Credit and Retiring Rich is a real book that can be found in real bookstores! 

If you're thinking, "This book sounds interesting, and I'd like to buy it, but how do I know that I'll get it on time? How do I know this guy won't just walk away with my money? And how much is this book going to cost me anyway?" 

My publisher, John Wiley & Sons, (the folks who publish the "Dummies" book series (like Websites for Dummies), has set the price for my new book at $24.95. But different booksellers have different discounts available. And some people have memberships that offer discounts. Maybe you're have one. Either way, you're not sending me any money for my book!

You're ordering from some of the most reputable businesses in the country. So, you don't have to worry about the integrity of your purchase or the safety of your personal information.  

That's why I've decided to put a very reasonable price of just $32.87 (book price of $24.95 + $7.92 shipping & handling - US only). This isn't some e-book that you're going to have to download and will require you to have read on your computer. No, my book, The Debt-FREE Millionaire: Winning Strategies to Creating Great Credit & Retiring Rich, is a real, hardcover book that's published by Wiley & Sons Publishers, the same company that publishes all of those "Dummies" books (you've seen those books in every bookstore, like the Internet for Dummies book). It will be shipped to you right away and be in your hands to take with you wherever you like to read.

I think that's a fair trade.

 "Get an annual Subscription to my Debt-FREE & Prosperous Living Newsletter as a FREE Bonus!"

But just to sweeten the pot, I've ALSO decided to include a FREE SUBSCRIPTION to my monthly Debt-FREE & Prosperous LIvingnewsletter - a $69 value! This monthly newsletter (delivered digitally) will help you stay on track to becoming completely debt free, creating great credit, and retiring rich! 

Each month, you'll receive fresh insight from myself, John Cummuta, along with several other authors that are committed to you crossing the Debt-FREE Millionaire finish line! 

Just email me a copy of the invoice for your purchase of my book, and I'll get you a link to where you can sign up for a free annual subscription to my digital newsletter. Send the invoice to 

"You literally have NOTHING to lose when you purchase The Debt-FREE Millionaire: Winning Strategies to Creating Great Credit & Retiring Rich!"

If you're not 100% satisfied that my strategies for eliminating debt, creating great credit, and retiring rich won't put you on your own personal path to complete financial freedom, let me put you completely at ease with my unconditional guarantee...

If you take this first step and buy your copy of "The Debt-FREE MIllionaire: Winning Strategies to Creating Great Credit & Retiring Rich" and after you've read it you don't think my strategies will work for you, just let me know.

I will give you back your money, NO QUESTIONS ASKED. Just contact me at and I'll get you the details regarding how to return the book to me. Remember, you're not buying it from me, you're buying it from one of four booksellers that have completely different businesses.

All you'll need to do is provide me with a copy of your sales receipt, and a book that's in resalable condition, and I'll give you back your money out of my own pocket... even if it's a year from today! I'll even let you keep the annual newsletter subscription - a $69 value - as my thanks for giving my strategies a try...

It's that simple.

The choice is yours: You either want to get on the path to becoming a Debt-FREE Millionaire or you don't. If you don't, good luck with whatever it is that you choose to do.

But if you're serious about creating the financial future most people only dream about, then you really only have one choice. Click on the link to the bookseller of your choice, and order your copy today! You've literally got NOTHING to lose.

But remember...

... the longer you wait, the longer you will be constrained by needless financial worries. Completely unnecessary.

So let's get started.

Remember: If you're not completely satisfied with my book, just return it in resalable condition within the next year for a complete refund (less shipping), and keep the annual subscription to the digitally deliveredDebt-FREE & Prosperous Living newsletter, a $69 value -- that's a guaranteed gain no matter what you decide.

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