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You Don't Have To Be Broke!
You're Financially Strapped Because You've Been Conditioned To Be In Debt!

NEWSFLASH: Making More Money Won't Solve Your Financial Problems. Learning How To Use The Money You're Already Making Will!
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Does this sound familiar? 


You sit down with your checkbook and that stack of seemingly endless monthly bills, and just before you start writing out those checks that seem to equal all you’ve made… maybe even more than you make… each month… and you fantasize about how wonderful it would be if you could win the lottery. 

You fantasize about how incredible it would be to take that windfall of money and do things like:


Then you stare at that stack of bills. It’s a small stack of paper, only about an inch or so high, but with balances that seem to soar taller than a skyscraper…and YOU have to pay for it.

How do I know? Because I’ve been there. Staring at that same stack of bills and wishing for a magical lottery win. I’m Anthony Manganiello, the author of The Debt-FREE Millionaire. I’ve sat in that same place wondering if I could ever live the life of my dreams, but faced with monthly debt payments that never seemed to get smaller.

So I did something about it. I discovered—over almost two decades of study and hard work—that money myths, the ones we’ve all been taught our whole lives, were the very things that were holding me back. In fact, most of what we’ve learned from well-meaning parents and trusted advisors is just plain WRONG!

Since 1995 I’ve helped hundreds of thousands of people learn how to become completely debt free, save thousands of dollars in interest payments, create great credit, and retire rich. And I want to help you learn how YOU can do that too. 

And believe it or not…You can do it with the money you’re already making!

You can learn exactly what it takes to live the life you KNOW YOU DESERVE, and it wouldn’t take winning the lottery to achieve it!

And the best part?  What if you could discover those secrets that I learned… FOR FREE?


You see, you don’t have to make more money for your dreams to come true. All you need to do is learn how to use what you’re already making to fuel your dream engine. And THAT’S exactly what you’ll learn at the DebtFree Academy.

If making ends meets requires a Herculean effort just to bring them together, let the DebtFree Academy’s Protégé Course teach you how to use what you’re already making to fund the lifestyle you truly deserve. 

Think about this for a second. How much money will you make over the next year? 30, 40, 50 thousand dollars… maybe more? If somehow you were able to get your boss to advance you all that money, and you had it all in one lump sum, you’d probably feel like a million bucks.

So why do you feel so broke just because you’re getting it in paycheck-sized installments? 

It’s because no one ever taught you how to use those pay-period chunks of income to create real wealth. 

Sure, there have been some popular financial strategies like:

  1. There’s such a thing as good debt
  2. You should pay yourself first so you can get ahead
  3. You need to follow a budget to take control of your personal finances
  4. If you want to help your kids go to college you have to start saving right now
  5. If you're struggling to make ends meet, you need to make more money

What if I told you these popular financial strategies are all wrong? What if I told you that following these strategies is WHY you wind up with that stack of bills - that stack of dream drainers - that transforms your dreams for the life you deserve into a life where your biggest challenge is just getting out of bed in the morning?

But here’s the good news. 

By filling out the form on this page, you can get access to the DebtFree Academy's Protégé Course, a $99 value… FOR FREE. That’s right… free (but more on that in a second)...

The Protégé Course includes 11 lessons - all with downloadable content - that will teach you why I call those five financial strategies what they truly are - myths. And you’ll learn how to pull back the curtain on them with simple math. 

Once you’ve learned why those financial strategies just don’t work, you’ll then learn my 5-Step Debt-FREE Millionaire Plan, which will show you:

  1. What debt and credit really are
  2. How to pinpoint your true current financial situation
  3. How to use that true, current financial situation to become completely debt free and save THOUSANDS of dollars in interest payments (it's possible even if you can’t pay all your bills right now)
  4. How to identify and define your unique retirement needs, and how to achieve them
  5. How to become conditioned to accumulate wealth, instead of debt

The Protégé course is complete and comprehensive, and includes more than 2 hours of content. But - even though it’s as complete as it is, the lessons are designed so you can complete them in about the same amount of time as it would take you to enjoy a cup of coffee.

Now, I know what you’re thinking. You’re wondering why would I just give this information away… right?

The answer is simple. It’s no secret that our economy is struggling right now. And while all the talking heads are trying to tell us what can be done to change things... the number one thing that needs to happen is for good people - just like you - to get on the path to becoming completely debt free. To first, start your own financial recovery.

Did you know that there is almost 16 trillion dollars in personal debt? I’m not talking about government debt. I’m talking about personal… household debt. And that each year that personal debt drains about 1.6 trillion dollars out of our economy because of the payments you - and millions of other good people have to make - towards their personal debt. 

Can you imagine what would happen to our economy, if even just a portion of that 1.6 trillion dollars in annual payments on personal debt was redirected from paying on debt payments to banks - to payments towards investments and dreams for the future -- oh -- and having a life today? 

I’m a father with seven wonderful children. And I’m sincerely, and seriously, concerned about their future. Unless you, and others like you, learn how to achieve the lifestyle you deserve WITHOUT debt, that future is in jeopardy. 

So, as long as I can, I’m just GIVING AWAY the Protégé membership in my DebtFree Academy.

I hope you’ll take advantage of this special offer. You can learn what it takes to conquer that gut-wrenching feeling you get when you pay your bills, and save $99 at the same time. 

If that sounds good to you, then all you have to do is commit to that future… where financial peace of mind is just waiting for you… by filling out the form on this page. That’s all. No tricks or gimmicks…When you do, that stack of bills that haunts you almost every waking moment, won’t intimidate you any more. In fact, you’ll be able to stare it down… once and for all.

  • Pay off all of your debt (your home, your cars, your credit cards… all of it!)
  • Take that dream vacation you never seem to be able to take
  • Put your kids through college
  • Wake up feeling great because you actually slept the night before…with no money anxieties
  • Stop fighting with your spouse or significant other over money problems, but re-igniting the spark between the two of you that brought you both together
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